Invest in your

workforce and future

with NCTS Corporation

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Who we are

NCTS Corporation (National Corporation Training Solutions)

We partner with organizations to assist them with investing in their own workforce and future. We understand the diverse needs of industry. We specialize in workforce development consulting, grant administration, customized training and curriculum development.

How and where we work

What works for one company may not for the next. NCTS customized training brings solutions direct to you, on your terms, wherever you are. We offer onsite and online options, providing flexibility and training when you need it.

We understand the challenges of businesses today. Whether you are a small start-up, expanding into new markets or are a global organization, the need to improve and evolve are equally vital to your continued success. Our instructors and consultants are experts from your industries. We bring them to you, no matter what part of the globe your business is located in.

Customized Onsite
Your business evolves to meet the demands and challenges in today’s markets, why shouldn’t your training and consulting? We prepare customized training and consulting by working closely with leadership and management to identify what your business and employee needs are. We create programs to deliver training that equips your workforce with skills to support your long-term company goals. 

Does your company have offices and locations all over the map? No problem, we bring your workforce together in online live interactions. Online is a great alternative, when travel is limited, schedules present a challenge, and the there is a need to engage your entire organization. Perhaps a blended course of online and onsite is a better solution for your organization.

Sharing the Cost
We believe training is paramount to investing in every level of your organization. We also understand the need to save on resources, including funds. Does sharing the cost the cost of training make sense for your business? We can assist in reaching out to like-minded companies with the same training needs.


“We expect to customize every experience…our companies are all unique.”

shannon Cruickshank  |  Regional Vice President of Business Development


Who we serve

NCTS Corp proudly partners with various companies from start-ups to industry leaders in multiple sectors, including;

Advanced Manufacturing Financial Services Logistics and Supply Chain

Food Service / Hospitality Energy and Sustainability Insurance Companies

Aerospace Construction Retail and Online Retail

Healthcare & Medical Industries Technology and Information

Still on-boarding, building your leadership teams and defining your culture?

We can help with that too.

Unique trades, require unique training.

Let NCTS partner in developing curriculum and training that supports your trades, growth and goals.


Are you in an emerging industry?

Let NCTS partner in developing training that positions you as an industry leader and sets your company apart.




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