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Advanced Robotics Operations and Programming Outline

Course: Description:

This forty (40) hour course is designed to provide the advanced skills needed to Operate and Program the Fanuc Robotics. Course topics include Collision Guard, Condition Monitor Function, Executing Multiple Program (Multi-Tasking), Program Shift Utility and Systems Operations.

 Performance Objective:


This course is designed to introduce the student to the advanced skills needed to Operate, Program, edit the Robot.  The course provides both Classroom and Performance based hands on training in the use of advanced controls, operations, part programming


Duration:        40 Hours                                             


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this module the trainee will be able to:

  • Enabling and disabling Collision Guard

  • Setting the Collision Guard Sensitivity

  • Specifying a register in which to set and store the sensitivity value for the Collision Guard macro program, if desired

  • Assigning a Collision Guard error output, if desired (only for SpotTool+ and DispenseTool)

  • Assigning a Collision Guard enabled output, if desired (only for SpotTool+ and Dispense

  • Distance Before

  • Condition Monitor Function

  • Executing Multiple Program (Multi-Tasking)

  • Mirror Image Utility

  • Position Register Look Ahead Execution Function

  • Program Shift Utility

  • Reference Position Utility

  • Touch Sensing

  • Thru ARC seam tracking or Adaptive Process Control (APC)

  • Error Codes and Recovery

  • Systems Operation