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Blueprint and GD&T Basics Outline

Course Description:

This sixteen (16) hour course will provide students the basic skills needed for technical drawing interpretations of blueprints. Areas of instruction include interpreting and understanding Blueprint reading and also will provide students with fundamentals of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) system. Course includes providing knowledge of the correct interpretation and application of each symbol, rules, datums, orientation, location and profile. Emphasis is placed on interpreting detail drawings and communication skills required in machining work. This tool is governed by the technical standard ASME Y14.5M-1994.

Course Duration:       16 Hours                                             


Course Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this module the trainee will be able to:


·         Understand technical drawing Symbology

·         Understand how to interpret a technical drawing

·         Understand title Blocks

·         Understand object, hidden, center, extension and dimension lines

·         Define Projection and other line combinations

·         Understanding Three View drawings

·         Understand Orthographic projection

·         Understand the arrangement of views

·         Understand size and location dimensions

·         Understand Dimensions for holes and angles

·         How to calculate tolerance zones

·         Understand Sections

·         Describe geometric dimensioning and tolerancing

·         Define a datum and its use

·         Identify material condition symbols

·         Define position controls

·         Identify two main types of runout

·         Identify profile control types

·         Understand Orientation

·         Define Location Tolerances

·         Understand tolerances of Form and Profile

·         Perform Print Exercises


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