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NCTS Electrical With Troubleshooting Outline

Course Description:

This forty (40) hour training course covers AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current) theory and fundamentals. The student will first gain an understanding of the concepts of electrical schematics, components, voltage, current and resistance. These concepts will be applied through Ohm’s Law to basic circuit design and analysis. Power, magnetism and DC generation will then be introduced to complete the theories of DC applications.

Upon completion of this module the trainees will have an understanding of the basics of AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current) theory and an understanding of electrical diagrams and associated electrical components.

Duration:     40 Hours

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this module the trainee will be able to:


  • Learn the theory and applications of electrical and electronics as it applies to a broad base of technologies.

  • Understand what electricity is, Learn Ohms Law

  • Learn the structure of matter and semiconductor theory

  • Learn how to operate a digital multi-meter, power supplies and scope meter

  • Know the difference between conductors and insulators

  • Know how to identify a short or an open

  • Measure current, voltage and resistance

  • Construct series, parallel and series parallel circuits

  • Understand how to operate an AC DC power supply

  • Understand remote operations of a servo motor

  • Study magnetic fields

  • Understand capacitance and inductance

  • Study transformer action and AC Phasing characteristics

  • Set up and test Inductive, Capacitive and Optical Proximity Sensors

  • Study Reed and Synchronizing Switches