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Robotics Operations Outline

Course: Description:

This forty (40) hour course is designed to provide the basic skills needed to Operate and Program the Fanuc Robotics. Course topics include Robotic Safety, Controls, Operations, Part Programming.

Performance Objectives:


Upon completion of this module the trainees will have knowledge of Robotics safety, programming, executing production operations, teach pendent interfacing, and program implementing adjustment procedures.


Duration:        40 Hours                                             


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this module the trainee will be able to:

·         Control positions (base, tool, or joint coordinate systems with multiple axes systems)

·         Configure I/O, system variables and perform setup

·         Label programs

·         Configure style table

·         Identify function of the robot, teach pendant or controller

·         Save, restore, and back up Download and upload software

·         Understand interpolation operation of robot (linear, circular, joint, speed, accuracy, etc.)

·         Define robot motion attributes (speed, accuracy to destination, interpolation)

·         Perform robot mastering at Zero position and single axis

·         Perform robot calibration and Test Robot for proper master and calibration

·         Properly verify and or define Tool Center Point (TCP)

·         Set up or verify Software Limits, issues relating to new software limit setting program

·         Understand Program for style options

·         Program/modify function conditions (weld, paint, etc.)

·         Locate robot inputs and Outputs screen to determine status of system or equipment